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Filled Onion cooked in salt

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Filled Onion cooked in salt

Cipolla al sale ripiena

      • 1h 30m
      • Medium




      Onions,  together with garlic, are the Tuscan typical base for many dishes.

      But do you know that we cook them as a second dish or antipasto?

      This poor ingredient was used in the old ages when people who lived in the countryside cook what they produce in their gardens.

      I revisited this recipe a little bit adding some parmesan cheese to the filling.

      Follow the simple steps below and tell me what you think!





      Spread a layer of salt on a tray so that it can help the onion stand.
      Put the onion so that they can stay stand.
      Put into the oven for 45 minutes 320° F


      Second step Preparation

      Take the onions off from oven and make them cool.
      Cut the top with a sharp knif, scoop out the pulp.
      Mix the pulp with parmisan cheese and breadcrumbles and mix with oil and salt.
      Fill the onions.


      Final Step

      Put some pieces of parmesan cheese on the top (or if you prefer a soft cheese)
      Put again the onions into the oven at 320° F for 7-8 minutes for grating.
      Serve hot

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      Pappa al Pomodoro
      Pappa al Pomodoro

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