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Pici Cacio e Pepe

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Adjust Servings:
600 gr Pici pasta
160 gr Pecorino Cheese
qb Peppercorns
qb Salt
qb Cooking water

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Pici Cacio e Pepe

A tasty and creamy sauce

      • 15 minutes
      • Serves 4
      • Medium




      Traditional Tuscan cuisine is often linked to rural life: genuine and strong flavors, essentials, and never too elaborated.

      Obviously, these characteristics are also reflected in pasta that has a large number of condiments and combinations.

      A kind of pasta that lends itself to many condiments is Pici.

      Pici Senesi is a typical Tuscan fresh pasta, similar to spaghetti but thicker. If you want to prepare it from scratch we can do a proper cooking class online

      They are prepared only with flour and water, a splash of EVO oil, and a pinch of salt. You can find some recipe where an egg is added because it helps keep the dough firm, but the original recipe is without.

      This is the recipe of Cacio e Pepe, which stands for Cheese and Pepper.



      Prepare Pici from scratch

      Prepare the pici by following the recipe here:


      Toast the black pepper

      Crunch the peppercorns using a meat tenderizer and toast it in a skillet.
      At the same time bring the water to a boil, salt it, and pour the pici in.


      Prepare the pecorino cream

      In a separate bowl prepare the pecorino cream:
      using a ladle add some boiling water to the pecorino cheese stirring continuously. Remember to add the water little by little and adding it only when the previous is well incorporated. Continuing until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream.


      Drain and toss

      Drain the pasta 3/4 minutes before the total cooking and put into the skillet with the toasted pepper.
      Finish adding some cooking water, stirring continuously, until you obtain a thick consistency.


      Drizzle and serve

      Switch off the flame and continue tossing while you add the pecorino cream. Add a drizzle of grated pecorino and black pepper and serve immediately!

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