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Torta delle Rose – Roses’ Cake –

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Adjust Servings:
450 gr Flour "0"
180 gr. Milk
160 gr. Butter
100 gr. Liquid sourdough
80 gr. Sugar
1 Eggs
8 gr. Salt
350 gr Apple
60 gr. Icing Sugar

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Torta delle Rose – Roses’ Cake –

Aperfect cake for Mother's Day

    • Serves 8
    • Hard




    This cake is originated from Mantova and associated with Mother’s day for its shape, which reminds of a flower bouquet.

    Today I propose you a little variation with apple slices, cinnamon, and sourdough.

    I suggest you prepare it for Sunday breakfast, for your mum and all your family!


    Enjoy and Happy Mother’s day





    Mixing flour in a Planetary Mixer

    Pour the flour into the bowl and add the sourdough. Using the hook mix at a low speed adding milk a little at a time.


    Adding ingredients

    When the mixture is homogenous add the egg and sugar. Higher the speed. When the egg is well absorbed add the salt and continue mixing for 10 minutes.


    Remember to make the butter softer (take it out from the fridge one hour before).
    Add the butter a little at a time and make sure to make each piece absorb before adding the next.
    When the dough is smooth and elastic form a ball and put it in a bowl.
    Cover with a plastic film and let it leaven for 7 hours.


    When the dough is ready prepare the buttercream:
    put the soft butter in a bowl and add the icing sugar, mixing with a fork until you reach a homogeneous cream


    Flour a working table and put the dough. Drizzle with flour on the top of the dough and start flattening with a rolling pin obtaining a rectangular shape (approx.50x45 cm.).
    Spread the top with the buttercream. Set aside a spoonful.
    Cut the rectangle in eight stripes of equal wight.


    Prepare the apple slices

    Cut the apples into thin slices and put them in a bowl with water and lemon (this helps apple slices not to get brown).
    Lay down on each stripe two rows of slices, pay attention to let the red part appear from the edges.
    Drizzle with cinnamon powder

    Infine spolverizzate le mele con la cannella in polvere 18.


    Gently roll up each stripe to obtain a rose shape.
    Cover a baking tray ( 28 cm. diameter) with the parcel and put the roses inside
    Cover the tray with a plastic film and make it leaven for two hours or until doubled.


    Final Step

    After the time, brush the surface with the soft butter.
    Put into the convection oven at 180 °C (356 Fahrenheit) for 45 minutes.
    Once baked, make it cool and drizzle with icing sugar on the top.

    Una volta cotta, lasciate raffreddare e spolverizzate con lo zucchero a velo 23. La vostra torta delle rose alle mele è pronta per essere servita 24!


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