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Adjust Servings:
300 gr Flour "0"
2 Eggs
50 gr Butter
for garnish Icing Sugar
40 gr Sugar
1 orange Orange peel
a coffee cup Vin Santo or Sweet wine

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Cenci di Carnevale

Carnival Cookies

Children look forward to this month only to eat these yummy cookies!

  • 1 hour
  • Serves 6
  • Easy




In these days in Italy is “Carnevale” time, that is days prior to the Easter holiday.

During these days it is traditional to make “Cenci” or “Frittelle”.

Cenci are made of flour, eggs, sugar and grated citrus peel and they are little fried. The ladies of my aunt’s village, San Gusmè, every year make Cenci and Frittelle for the whole Village and also for the turists and people drop by.

Here follow I give you my recipe and the quantity I use for 6 people. This is what I offer as a dessert in the Cooking Classes I do during the winter season.

Enjoy !!!



Mix the ingredients

Weight all the ingredients, pour the flour on the top of your working board forming a "vulcano". Make a hole in the centre and put inside eggs,sugar,orange zest,vin santo,
Make a big hole so that it can contain all the ingredients.


Work the ingredients

Stir the ingredients with a fork till they are well incorporeted and the dough is firm. Continuing to work with your hand for about 10 minutes..
Form a ball and cover with a plastic film. Leave to rest for half an hour.


Roll out and form stripes

Roll out the dought with a roller pin on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of approx. 2mm.
Use a knife or a rolling cutter to cut in long stripes and then cut again in irregular rectangular pieces about 15 cm long and 4 cm wide.


Cook and drizzle with sugar

When all pieces are formed, fry them in plenty of hot oil seeds until golden.
Then place them on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
Dust with plenty of icing sugar and serve. They are delicious hot or cold but always accompanied by a little glass of Vin Santo.

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Brodo “Appollocato”
Brodo “Appollocato”

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