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Tomatoes stuffed with rice

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Adjust Servings:
6 Firm and Ripe Tomatoes medium
250 gr Long-grain Rice
2 cloves Garlic
just enough Parsley
a tea spoon Oregano
just enough Salt
just enough Olive Oil

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Tomatoes stuffed with rice


      Another way to cook tomatoes

      • 70
      • Serves 6
      • Medium




      There are a variety of tomatoes in Tuscany and we use them to make many dishes. We prefer to use plum tomatoes or any ripe tomatoes most often to make sauce. For stuffing, large, ripe yet firm tomatoes are selected.

      You can serve these as an antipasto, if the tomatoes are smaller or as a first course if they are medium or large.

      It is usually a dish you can serve cold, so that it is perfect as a summer dish, but they are delicious also  lukewarm.

      We just need to slice the top of the tomatoes, scoop out the inside gently with a spoon, puréed the insides in a blender, add salt, parsley, garlic and olive oil. Pour the liquid into the tomatoes and add one or two table spoon of rice, it depends on the size of the tomatoes.

      Close the top, drizzle with some of the liquid and put into the stove for 50 minutes till the rice is cooked. Let them cool and serve .


      20 minutes

      Prepare the tomatoes

      Slice the tops of the tomatoes but not completely. Scoop out the insides gently with a spoon, taking care not to break the tomatoes.
      You can cut some potatoes and put them into the casserole to fill the gaps between the tomatoes.


      Mix ingredients and fill

      Purée the insides in a blender and put into a bowl. Cut finely parsley and garlic and add to the purée. Season with salt and oregano.
      Pour the mixture into each tomatoe and add about two table spoons of rice (it depends on the size of the tomatoe). Stir to combine.

      50/60 minutes

      Placing and cooking tomatoes

      Cook in the preheated oven 180° (350°F) for about 50/60 minutes, until the rice is cooked and most of the liquid has been absorbed and the outside of the tomatoes are lightly golden.
      Let them cool and serve with the roasted potatoes.
      You can serve also cold and the day after they could be even better.


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