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Adjust Servings:
400 gr Dried Pasta
3 heads Radicchio
170 gr Gorgonzola cheese
half Red Onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pasta with Radicchio, Gorgonzola Cheese and Walnuts

A right combination for a vegetarian pasta

      • 28 minutes
      • Serves 4
      • Easy




      It is almost a year now since I met Virginia from Pastificio Fabbri!

      It is said that things don’t happen by accident, and I am more and more convinced that this mention is true.

      Getting to know this brand, helped me to go deeper in my knoledge about flour, gluten and the natural drying method.

      I often like to speak about flour and its characteristic in my cookinclasses

      Eating a kind of gravy with a dried pasta or another makes a big difference. This is the reason why I recommend you to try this recipe, that today I suggest you to cook with a simply sauce make with radicchio, nuts and gorgonzola cheese. With regards to Radicchio how do you call it? Some people from US told me “radicchio” pronunced by them “radiccio” :-), others from UK called it “Red Chicory. I am wondering which is better to use.

      Enjoy my recipe



      Preparing Ingredients

      First of all, it is important to wash carefully the radicchio leaves under the tap water. Then dry and cut in strips.
      Finely chop half of the red onion.
      Cut the gorgonzola cheese in little cubes.

      10 minutes

      Making the sauce

      Cover the bottom of a pan with extra virgin olive oil and add the onion. Make it simmer till the onion is translucent. Add radicchio strips, pepper and salt.
      In a pot bring the water to the boil and when it starts boiling take some table spoons and add into the pan so that the cheese can melt well.

      6/7 minutes

      Boiling the pasta

      Pasta Fabbri is a high quality dried pasta and it takes a longer boiling. However this one is smaller and it is short-cut so it needs only 7 minutes boiling. I suggest you to drain the pasta one minutes before (al dente) and add it directly into the pan. Let it simmer and sauté with the sauce so that it can mix well.

      3 minutes

      Drain, Sauté and Serve

      After 2 minutes switch off the flame add the walnuts previously cutted and toasted on the top.
      Pasta is ready to be eaten . I suggest you to eat it immediately so that not to loose the creaminess.

      Buon appetito!

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