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Rabbit Etruscan’s Style

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Adjust Servings:
1 Rabbit Rabbit
80 gr. Pancetta
200 gr. Black olives
1 Red Onion
2 Carrot
1 stalk Celery
2 cloves Garlic
White Wine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chilli Pepper

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Rabbit Etruscan’s Style

One of the oldest recipe from our Ancestors

    • 1 h 15m
    • Serves 6
    • Medium




    Etruscans were one of the older cultures of the area that is today Tuscany and a part of the Umbria and Lazio region.

    The earliest evidence of a culture that is identifiably Etruscan dates back from about 900 BC. This is the period of the Iron Age Villanovan culture, considered to be the earliest phase of the Etruscan civilization, which itself developed from the previous late Bronze Age Proto-Villanovan culture in the same region.

    This is one of the oldest Tuscan recipes. The original recipe calls for a hare but we’ll use the more easily available rabbit





    Clean the Rabbit

    Cut the Rabbit into pieces and rinse it.
    Damp with a kitchen paper


    Vegetable preparation

    Slice the onion, chop the carrot, celery, and garlic roughly. Put in a pan covered with extra virgin olive oil. Let them soften at medium heat. Add the bacon previously diced.
    When all the vegetables have changed their color, they are very soft, add the bay’s leaves and a little dry chili pepper.


    Add the rabbit

    Add the chicken pieces, lay them on the skin side.
    Higher the heat and make them cook till the skin is golden brown. Turn them out and make roast well also the other side.
    While the chicken is cooking chop finely sage and rosemary, add salt and pepper.
    Pour a glass of white wine (approximately 150 ml.). Make the alcohol evaporates, then cover with a lid. Let it cook adding some hot broth a little at a time if necessary.
    Cook half an hour. Turn off the flame and remove the chicken pieces.


    Preparing the sauce and finishing the cooking

    Pour the sauce into a blender and mix well to obtain a sauce. Pour the sauce into the pan, add the chicken pieces, and continuing cooking for two minutes.
     Add the olives, and if the sauce is too thick, add some broth. Let it cook for ten minutes more.
    The chicken should be moist.

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